Who We Are?

Founded by a group of second and third year college students, Know Your Vote comprises a team of individuals across three time zones committed to bringing about political awareness across India, especially amongst its youth.

We are a grassroots organization, currently based in Mumbai, trying to raise political and civic awareness amongst the Indian youth. We are non-partisan and non-profit, and we want to reduce voter apathy.

At a point of time where corruption is rampant within our government and the youth of India are becoming more and more apathetic towards voting, we understand the importance of educating the youth, our future leaders, to rise above and demand the accountability we deserve. In order to do this however, we must first stimulate the youth to be politically aware and utilizing their right to vote to maximize the impact they can make in their communities.

Why Know Your Vote?

Our unique approach to the situation of voter apathy, through constant exposure to political news combined with our unconventional negative information campaign and empowering young Indian citizens to demand accountability, sets up apart from other such campaigns.

Furthermore, our novel concept of a chapter system allows for grassroots reach while mobilizing the masses assuring that we will enable the voice of the youth to be heard.

Know Your Vote is going to launch local chapters at schools and colleges across Mumbai in Summer 2011 and is expected to expand across the nation by 2015. If you’re interested in bringing Know Your Vote to your school or college, please contact us at know.your.vote.india@gmail.com.

How You Can Help?

Join our facebook page for information on Know Your Vote and how you can get involved!


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